The Azerbaijan Republic is situated in the eastern part of Trans-Caucasian territory. The area of the republic is 86.6 thousand sq. km. The population is 7.3 million. In the north, Azerbaijan borders on the Dagestan Republic (the border length is 289 km), in the north-west with the Georgian Republic (340 km), in the south-west with the Republic of Armenia (766 km). In the south, Azerbaijanís state border is with the Islamic Republic of Iran (618 km) and the Turkish Republic (11 km). In the east, the Azerbaijan Republic is washed by the Caspian Lake. The coastline is about 825 km long in the republic. The Caspian Lake provides an outlet into the River Volga, linking Azerbaijan with Central Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and, further, with the republics of Central Asia which connect it with Siberia and the Far East. See map

Official name of Azerbaijan is the Azerbaijan Republic ("Azerbaijan Respublikasy" in Azeri). Capital of the state is Baku. Under the Constitution of 1995, 125 Deputies of the Parliament (Milli Majlis) are re-elected each 5 years. President is elected for a 5-years term. According to presentation of the President, the Parliament approves Speaker, Prime Minister and Chairman of Supreme Court. Today, Azerbaijan is at the stage of industrial-agrarian state, formation of market relations and private business.

Most population of Azerbaijan professes Islam - monotheistic religion based by Prophet Mohammed. Although the religion is separated from the state in the Azerbaijan Republic, nonetheless, a greater portion of the population is pious. Besides Moslems, there are Orthodox believers, Judaists, etc. in Azerbaijan.

Population of Azerbaijan is 7,486,900, primarily Azerbaijanians. There are also Russians, Jews, representatives of national minorities, particularly, Lezghins, Avars, Udins, Kurds, etc.

State language of Azerbaijan is the Azeri (Turkish group). Also widely spread Russian and English, yet, a communicate with ordinary.

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