BIPA - Baku Intellectual Property Agency was founded in 1995 by Mr. Vagif Efendy- Patent attorney of Azerbaijan Republic. The company deals with all spectrums of intellectual property and copyright matters. Our clients are big foreign and national companies, manufactures and businessmen. For present time we cooperate with more than 80 companies around the world. During 13 years on the market, company established its inimitable image and gained confidence from its clients, it built competent and high-quality system of services. The main principles of BIPA's activity are individual service for each client, flexible prices, efficient information support, maximum quality and short terms. Our staffs are very qualified specialists in the intellectual property field, experts in medicine, biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry and other fields of industry. Professional lawyers of our company ensure correct arrangement of documents and full support for all cases and procedures form A to Z. Translators team provide you with full and qualitative translation of all documents and materials to the national language. BIPA is guaranty of reliability for its clients and it competently stands up for their interests in front of governmental authorities.

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